Arduino Coding basics- For Loops

What will be the values of variables 'P' and 'Q' after the execution of the following code-

int P,Q=0;

for(P=1; P<=4; P++)


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The value of P will be 5 and the value of q will be 6. If you've answered it correctly, congrats! If not, no worries, continue reading below to understand the question better.

So lets deal with the value of P first-
1. Notice that the only place we are altering the value of P is in the definition of the for loop i.e-

for(P=1; P<=4; P++)

2. The value of P will get incremented till satisfies the condition, P<=4.
 Which means when the value of P becomes 5, the loop will terminate.
Hence the value of P will be 5.

Now, moving on the find the value of Q-
For a quick recap, this is how for loops work-

And incase you're new to this,

This is just another way of writing,


So in every iteration, two things happen-
1. The new value of Q becomes the value of Q + the present value of P.
2. One is subtracted from the value of Q.

So in the first iteration, initially, P=0 and Q=0.
Which, after the execution of the loop becomes P=1 and Q=0.

Second iteration,
P=2 and Q=1.

Third Iteration-
P=3 and Q=4.

Fourth iteration-
p=4 and Q=6.

Fifth iteration-
P=5 and Woops! The condition P<=4 is no longer satisfied, so the loop terminates here. Hence, the value of Q=6.